Serving the Catholic Community of Castro Valley

Calendar Raffle

Congratulations To All Our October Winners!!

October 31st – Cheryl M.

October 30th – Natalie I.

October 29th – Jim M.

October 28th – Joyce & Glen A.

October 27th – Martha D.

October 25th – Linda R., Lysbeth P. & Kelly S.

October 24th – Cynthia M.

October 23rd – Gina C.

October 22nd – Sue & Bob J.

October 21st – Margaret M.

October 20th – Bruno B.

October 19th – Sonia Q. & Diane T.

October 18th – Grace S.

October 17th – Carmen N.

October 16th – Sue L.

October 15th – Gail S.

October 14th – Theresa F.

October 13th – Ethan C.

October 12th – Jose O.

October 11th – Karen W. & Elaine H.

October 10th – Manny & Rita A.

October 9th – Gloria B.

October 8th – Veronica J.

October 7th – Joan M.

October 6th – Lysbeth P.

October 5th – Steve T.

October 4th – Rose Mary W., Phyllis B., & Laurie K.