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Children’s LOTW

Child PrayingLiturgy of the Word for Children – We need you!

Liturgy of the Word for Children takes place during our Sunday morning 9:00 Mass. Children ages 3 through 11 are invited to hear and reflect on the readings of the day in an age-appropriate way. The two groups are blessed and sent forth to their gathering spaces just before the first reading. The children return to the church building at offertory. We are always happy to welcome new presiders in this ministry. Currently, we are looking for someone to help with our 3-6 year old group on the 4th and 5th Sundays.

If you are interested in learning how to be a LOTW presider, please contact Robyn Lang at 510-582-9266.

Sundays 3-6 year olds 7-11 year olds
First Sunday Mike and Marisa Gonzalez Laura O’Brien
Second Sunday (need someone) Stephanie Lum
Third Sunday Robyn Lang Robyn Lang
Fourth Sunday Linda Koceniak Anne Martinez
Fifth Sunday Robyn Lang Lyn de Guzman

If unable to be here on your day, please call the Faith Formation Office

Faith Formation Office: 510-582-9266