Serving the Catholic Community of Castro Valley

Youth Ministry/Confirmation

Welcome to Youth Ministry & Confirmation Preparation!

We gather as one group for Prayer, Fellowship & Fun. We then break up into learning groups.

Year I group explores Faith, Jesus & the Bible through the Alpha Youth Film Series.
The Alpha Youth Film Series is a perfect way to create an environment of acceptability where students can bring their friends to explore the Christian faith, ask questions, and share their point of view. Alpha make sit easy to invite friends to have spiritual conversations which explore life’s biggest questions in a safe and respectful way. The Alpha Youth Film Series is created for audiences 13-18 years old. Alpha’s approach to hospitality, faith and discussion is designed to welcome everyone, especially those who might not describe themselves as Christians or church-goers.

Year II group explores Faith, Morality & Sexuality through You from the Ascension Press.
You: Life, Love and the Theology of the Body is a unique program which reveals to teens their value as a person: their bodies, their sexuality and their individual call to love. Filmed on location all over the world, the program features teens as well as respected Catholic leaders. It addresses, head-on, many of the issues teens are already exposed to via entertainment media, societal pressures and their own interactions with each other.

Year I & II is our Confirmation formation.

Year III (Post-Confirmation), we explore the Faith through YDisciple.
YDisciple is an apprenticeship in the Christian Life. Featuring engaging video curriculum built around the USCCB Guidelines for Adolescent Catechesis, YDisciple is reaching and forming teenagers in a unique and powerful way.

Please continue to pray for our Youth!