Serving the Catholic Community of Castro Valley

Who We Are

Welcome to Our Lady of Grace Catholic Church!

Come and experience the dynamic faith at Our Lady of Grace. Our Lady of Grace Catholic Church lives as a family; we are brothers and sisters in Christ seeking to love Christ, serve Him, and make Him known. I invite you to get to know us, share your gifts and talents here, and grow in holiness alongside us.

Our parish community offers many ways to grow in faith, enrich our spiritual lives, and serve the needs of one another. We also actively reach out beyond the walls of our parish community serving those in need. For almost 70 years Our Lady of Grace has been a place of Faith, Family and Grace transforming our community through worship, charity, and education.

Our Lady of Grace – she is our patroness. She is our Mother always leading us to Christ. Mary is the Theotokos,  the God-bearer, who brings us Christ Jesus. She is full of grace and it is through her that grace comes to humanity. We ask her guidance and intercession to bring us to Christ.  We share in her mission of bringing Christ to the world.  With God’s grace we carry out our mission as Church, here in this place and at this time. Through the intercession of Our Lady of Grace we become a community united in love seeking the transformation of every human being through encountering Jesus.


Conventual Franciscans – The Conventual Franciscans, assumed the the pastoral care of Our Lady of Grace Parish in July 2015. We, as a community of lesser brothers (friars), have been embraced by the people of this parish.  The friars, inspired by St. Francis our founder, are called to live the Gospel life and give witness by preaching the Gospel with our actions especially to the poor and excluded.  The Conventual Franciscans have, throughout our 800 year history, been devoted to the Immaculate Virgin Mary and promoted the theological foundation for our Catholic belief on the Immaculate Conception. We are blessed to be here.


Fr. Thomas Czeck OFM Conv.