Serving the Catholic Community of Castro Valley

Celebrating a Livestreamed Mass

Remember you are in the loving presence of the Lord. As you gather in your home to participate at the online Mass consider these suggestions:

• Gather the family and set up an altar or prayer space with a crucifix and candle
• Wear your Sunday Mass attire and do not have any food, drink or electronic devices to distract you from being      present and consciously participating at Mass.
• Recite the corresponding responses and observe the proper gestures at Mass, like standing, sitting and
• At Communion time, prayerfully recite the Prayer of Spiritual Communion: “My Jesus, I believe that you suffered   and died, and rose from death to save us. I believe that you are fully present in the bread this is blessed and   broken, and the wine that is blessed and poured out in the sacrament of the Eucharist/ Renew in me your   sacrificial presence, and let me be united with you at this moment, so that, in all my thoughts, words and actions,   I may represent you, and love others as you love me. Amen