Serving the Catholic Community of Castro Valley

Synod 2021-2023


We thank the many participants who shared their responses in writing, through Zoom and at our listening sessions. This has been a unique opportunity for all of us to get our voices heard in all facets of church life.

Preparing For The 2023 Synod

Rooted In Love: Communion, Participation and Mission

Pope Francis is inviting the entire Church (that’s you and me!) to reflect on the theme, For a Synodal Church: Communion, Participation and Missionsaying, “It is precisely this path of Synodality which God expects of the Church of the third millennium.” This theme calls for journeying together through mutual listening to the Holy Spirit at every level of the Church’s life oriented towards evangelization.

As we explore, as a parish, what this preparation entails, we will post information, resources and ideas here. We begin with brief articles on what Synodality means, how we can journey together through mutual listening to the Holy Spirit and what role we, as individuals, families and a community, can prepare for the synod. Drawing on excerpts from the pope’s newest book, Let Us Dream: The Path To A Better Future and articles from the Vatican.

Click the articles below which addresses each of these topics: